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PsycheAnalytics is accepted into the Startup Health Moonshot Academy, 2018

StartUp Health invests in Health Transformers who have the mindset to achieve Health Moonshots. We invest in a Health Transformer’s journey towards achieving their Health Moonshots in two ways:

We leverage the powerful reach of StartUp Health’s modern media platform and global network to help Health Transformers continually attract the partners, customers, talent, and investors at every stage of their company’s growth that will drive success and increase their company’s equity value. We also support Health Transformers as they scale their companies by investing through StartUp Health’s Transformer Funds in their subsequent priced financing rounds that meet transparent investment criteria.

Over the past seven years StartUp Health has built a family of media channels — collectively known as The StartUp Health Network — that reaches an engaged global audience of more than 200,000 people who matter most to a Health Moonshot Company’s success: partners, customers, investors, patients, and caregivers. What first began as a weekly newsletter and blog has grown into the multi-channel StartUp Health Network and now includes an online community, a mobile app, exclusive invite-only events like our StartUp Health Festival, a digital and print magazine, web shows, podcasts, and powerful social media channels.


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