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“Patients will get their substance abuse treatment or mental health treatment in primary care or nowhere.”


Dr. Alexander Blount, Antioch University New England

The most chronic, serious medical conditions have co-morbid behavioral health components.


Through identification and high-level decision support PSYCHeANALYTICS is the single best catalyst to drive improvement in workflow, point of service care and revenue.

  • Issues such as stress, depression, anxiety and substance abuse often accompany illness and may be the causal factors.

  • Integrating medical, mental and behavioral health has the potential to deliver better care while saving 10-30% in overall cost of care.

  • However primary care physicians have very little time with the patients they treat – usually 15 minutes or less.

  • This limitation disincentivizes physicians from the discovery process required to identify psychosocial and behavioral issues.

  • The result is that patients are typically treated symptomatically, without the offer of effective and cost-efficient non-drug remedies.

  • Until now this has been too labor and cost intensive to fix, so rarely has it been possible to overcome resistance and achieve change in clinical practice.

  • We offer the first ever automated solution that enables Integrated care to be delivered at a reasonable cost and with more efficient workflow. 

  • Our solution is uniquely focused on identifying patients' behavioral health conditions, so they can be treated in the clinic, or referred to our vetted outsource partners and digital health applications. 


  • We use a subscription model based on the population assigned to the clinic. Within 12-18 months, the clinic obtains an ROI as much as 500% over the cost of our service.


  • Our screening and decision support will help you utilize your HRSA funding to build sustainable revenue for an ongoing behavioral health treatment program.


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