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Introducing The Behavioral Health Stethoscope™


We’ve built a pragmatic triage tool for universal behavioral health screening that can be used in any primary care setting. Initiate whole person health directly from your patient’s phone.

Wondering what PSYCHeANALYTICS does?

Wondering what PSYCHeANALYTICS does?

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Achieve the Quadruple Aim of effective care

In today’s practice, patients see a medical provider first regardless of the high prevalence of non-medical conditions. The Behavioral Health Stethoscope report unveils biopsychsocial-cultural pre-existing conditions. With this data, the care team can be sure the patient sees the necessary providers in one visit  saving time and money, while delivering the appropriate level of care.

PSYCHeANALYTICS can help your clinic

Support warm handoffs

Used during the morning huddle or chart scrubbing, The Behavioral Health Stethoscope ensures opportunities to connect with Behavioral Health Clinicians are not missed.


Reduce unconscious bias

Impartially present the patient’s self-report data and reduce unnecessary and potentially harmful tests and procedures.


Gather patient risk data

Gather structured data for patient population risk factors for over 20 conditions that compromise and complicate a patient’s medical care and provide essential data for population management.


We're fortunate to partner with these incredible organizations


Patients’ behaviors and social conditions determine 80% to 90% of health outcomes.


Without a detailed psychological baseline, it can be nearly impossible to provide efficient whole person care.





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