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Clinical solutions

The Behavioral Health Stethoscope™ is the first of its kind to inform whole person health within the primary care setting.

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Blends seamlessly with your clinical workflow

Your clinical workflow with benefit from an intelligent triage plan that gives your providers immediate access to their patients' full spectrum of co-occurring psychosocial needs and the knowledge to develop an integrated treatment plan.

With our assessment, your providers have the time they need to assemble the most appropriate care team to address patient needs.

How does it work?

Screen your patient’s psychosocial and behavioral health before their PCP visit.

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1. Quick Survey

Patients receive a link via text message to complete a short digitized questionnaire from the convenience of their home. The questionnaire is a standards-based, pre-visit screening instrument that collects patient reported information on over 20 psychosocial domains that drive Whole Person Health.

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2. Clinician-friendly results

The results of the survey are analyzed with proprietary advanced logic and personalized branching to generate a clinician-friendly report that is sent to the patient's chart.

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3. Triage recommendations

Concerns, recommendations, and follow up items are presented to providers and care managers along with triage suggestions customized to suit local evaluation and intervention resources.

No hassle EHR integration

We can integrate with over 300 certified EHRs including the VA and IHS for a nominal cost. All certified EHR vendors support the Direct Secure Messaging standard without EHR integration or customization fees. (See DirectTrust™)

When connected to the EHR through Direct Trust, the Behavioral Health Stethoscope can be ordered from the patient’s chart like any other lab test, and our patient evaluation will be returned directly to the chart as a PDF document or a C-CDA (Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture) medical record.

Straightforward reimbursement options


New regulations require Medicaid primary care physicians to treat mild to moderate conditions ⏤ the Stethoscope enables them to fulfill that need.


Behavioral Health visits are reimbursed at the same rate as a Medicare medical visit. Medicare pays for collaborative care.


COVID-19 Relief

The COVID-19 reconciliation package includes Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) block grants funded at $3.5 billion.

Taken in conjunction with the $4.25 billion in funding that SAMHSA received in December as part of the stimulus package, this represents the largest one-time federal investment in behavioral health in our nation’s history.

The PSYCHeANALYTICS difference

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Provider practice at top of license


Care staff aren't required to supervise assessment


Broadband isn't necessary for connection to rural patients


Prearrange warm handoffs when patients need it most

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